Why Nano?

Instant. Feeless. Green.

What is Nano?

Nano is digital money.

It is instant, feeless and eco friendly. It is also decentralized, secure, efficient and accessible.

Nano provides an intuitive experience that feels like digital currency should - simple, quick and just right.

How can it help me?

As a user, you can send money to friends and family all over the world, instantly, without anyone else involved or taking a cut! Or maybe support a cause you like directly, no matter how far away!

As a business, you can offer your customers a seamless, simple and quick payment experience while saving card fees and lowering infrastructure costs!

How much is there?

Only 133 Million Nano will ever exist, and all of them are already in circulation. This means no monetary inflation, ever.

How does it compare?

Bitcoin is slow. Nano is fast.



30 min

The average Bitcoin transaction takes 30 min to confirm, Nano transactions are confirmed in less than one second on average.

Bitcoin is expensive. Nano is free.




Bitcoin transactions cost $22 on average, Nano transactions are feeless.

Bitcoin is terrible for the environment. Nano is eco-friendly.



651'080 Wh
0.112 Wh

The Bitcoin network uses as much electricity as the whole of Argentina. Nano can run its entire network on a single wind turbine.

Is there a community?

Yes, and it is one of the most active, friendly and helpful communities of any cryptocurrency!

Doesn’t matter if you are a developer, enthusiast, business owner or just have a few questions! Come and say hello on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram or the official forum!

You'll be welcomed with open arms!

What now?

Try it out! Get the Nautilus wallet , and grab some free Nano. Install WeNano to find more free Nano all around the world. Learn more at the Nano Foundation.

Begin your journey into borderless, decentralized digital cash.